Act like a billionaire, even if you aren’t one yet. With Familoff, run your personal finances like a family office, just like the ultra-rich.

What is a family office?

A single family office (SFO) is a private company that manages the financial and personal affairs of a single wealthy family. These services typically include financial management, investment advice, tax planning, compliance, estate planning, and asset management.

SFOs are important for the ultra-rich as they provide a high level of personalized service and attention, as well as a level of privacy and discretion that is not available through traditional financial institutions.

Get The Basics of Family Offices

How to Start a Family Office

This is a good second step after learning the definition of a family office. The framework for starting is an essential piece needed to understand Familoff.

What Does a Family Office Do?

Discovering what family offices do is a great third step into getting your bearings around this concept, and working to apply it to your own life.

What is a Multi-Family Office?

While we focus on helping develop the framework for a single-family office, it helps to know what a multi-family office is and what they do.

start acting like the ultra-wealthy

As someone who has been involved in the management of family offices for over a decade, Familoff is the perfect way for the average user to enter the mindset of the ultra-wealthy.

– Rebecca, Family Office Manager, NYC

Of all the “life management” toolsets I have seen, Familoff provides the best possible strategy to ensure growth in wealth is a way of life, not just an idea or stretch goal.

– Carson, Entrepreneur, Chicago